Aram Leeuw

Aram Leeuw

“I’m a designer and a curious person who is always looking for new solutions to problems by applying new methods. I use my job to relay information to people in a way that will excite them. I design places that allow brands to get in touch with their target audience; what I’ve found is that people are more open to a story with a smile.”


“When I worked for NEMO, a science museum for children in Amsterdam, we were tasked with developing an exhibition on technology that would interest young museum goers. We generated enthusiasm by using surprise, a mechanism I have applied to much of my professional work.”

How are you using your talents for a more sustainable society?

“Some neighbors and I have started a project in which we are trying to give an old crane a new life. The crane, now a piece of industrial heritage, was used to build the neighborhood and was never moved. The goal of the project is to restore the crane and turn it into a meeting place for the neighborhood. The project has since attracted many new volunteers, and although progress is slow, our vision is becoming a reality. The same is true at MasterPeace. With each new volunteer and flower, the bouquet of talents grows larger.”

Which talent would you want wish everyone had?

“A vitally important talent is self-reflection. There is much to be gained by critically investigating your own habits and by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. If people exhibited more empathy, the world would be such a different place.”


“I love helping people and contributing to a positive atmosphere. In that way, it doesn’t need to cost you a lot of time or money, but you’ll create a feeling of positivity among others.”