JJASMINE is a collaborative music project born of a spontaneous online encounter between musicians from Germany, Italy and Syria. Featured on local and overseas media, JJASMINE is now a project that’s ready to go as far as possible, tackling personal and societal topics on the way.
The band joined their talents specifically for My Music MasterPeace, starting in August 2016 when Adnan from Syria and Jill from Germany met on Facebook to collaborate on a song for the competition. Giacomo from Italy and Michel from Germany joined during the process to form the band. All band members are based in Berlin except Adnan, who currently lives in Jordan.

Hafsa Mahraoui

How are you using your talents for a more sustainable society?

We’re using music to create some sort of dialogue we can use, that’s much more powerful than language. Art is one of very few methods left where one can express himself or herself with, no matter where they are or where they come from. And free self expression, to us, is one of the most important aspects of a sustainable society. So we can fairly say that our own experience is a living proof of this. Of course we’re not the only people doing it at the moment. But we’re trying to promote this method of creation. Damon Albarn’s ( Blur, Gorillaz ) collaboration with The Syrian Orchestra is another example that we find very inspirational. We’re hoping that our multicultural collaboration will go on to take this very unusual concept that many people thought impossible to the mainstream and hopefully inspire more people to follow the same path.

Wich talents are most valuable for our future societies in your opinion?

As we mentioned before: free self expression is one of the most important aspects of a sustainable and happy society. We consider self expression a talent on its own, let it be music, painting, writing, theater, etc. Of course as musicians, we’re more concerned with what’s going on in the music industry and how it’s shaping intercultural dialogue between people; but all self expression is equally important and very crucial for a better, more tolerant future society.

Who would be the perfect Nelson to ask these questions?

Every creator trying to positively affect society can be considered a perfect Nelson to ask these questions to.

Understanding one’s culture helps understand them as well, and when people understand each other with all their differences and similarities, we reach a good milestone on the way of a better society. Having many people moving to different countries these days, along with the rise of far right ideologies and xenophobia, we do need that understanding, and it’s possible, thanks to self expression.