Nienke Schipper

Nienke Schipper

“My name is Nienke Schipper, I’m 41 years old, and I work in corporate communications. Travelling is my passion, and I still travel all over the world with my kids. That’s how I broaden my horizons.”


“Another one of my more recent passions is yoga. Yoga is more than just learning different body positions, it is also a way of life. It’s about being satisfied and doing good things for the people around you. People think that charity is only for NGO’s and philanthropists, but I’ve come to realize that my talents can be more effectively used for good. That’s when I decided I wanted to do more for others. I went to Lesbos last year to help refugees, and my positive experience there encouraged me to show others how easy it is to do good. Having that mindset will help to influence those around you. I introduced MasterPeace to my company, Adobe, and so much is already being done to link the charitable efforts of the two organizations. That’s how changing one’s mindset and using one’s talents leads to beautiful things.”

What talent do you wish everyone had?

“I wish everyone had the ability to connect to one another. Problems in the world begin with people who fear rather than try to understand others. World peace begins with human connection. For me, yoga helps me to think in this way.”

Other ways she used her talents for good

“I have a room in my house that I rarely used, so I converted it into a room called ‘the flower house’ that could be used by people who wished to start a small businesses. It’s a donation based project, and anyone can use it. Many women use it to hold workshops and meditations. I see these women grow and contribute positively to the people around them. It was very refreshing to be involved in something like this.”



“My talent for organizing enables me to connect people so they can make positive changes. We’re working on campaigns with different companies that are connected through MasterPeace. That’s how innovation occurs.”

“Before going to Lesbos, many people discouraged me from going. I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived at the camp, the refugees ran toward us and we served out food. This was a place where people really needed help, but if a blonde woman like myself could go there and stand between all those men, anyone can. I showed the skeptics how safe it was; that’s the way you can inspire people to help.”


Her song: Follow The Sun van Quavier Rudson.

“This is a song that shows that there’s a positive way to see everything. I’m a positive person. I love to travel and mostly to the sun. I’ve learned that if you see the positive aspects of situations that seem dark, good things happen.”