Peter Merry

About Peter

Peter Merry – human being, social innovator, author, speaker, global activist, leader, consultant, trainer, synnervator, human ecologist, philosopher, father, folk singer, theatre director, rugby trainer, husband, energy worker…

Peter wears a number of hats. In his essence, he morphs to fit the need that he feels he is being called to meet in the world today. Peter Merry was one of the inspirators during the 2016 edition of the Great Minds Meeting organised by MasterPeace.

Peter Merry is CTO of the Ubiquity University.

How are you using your talents for a more sustainable society?

I am co-founding a global online learning and innovation platform geared towards enabling people to develop the skills and qualities needed for a more sustainable world. Our target is 5,000,000 students by 2025 (very realistic when you realise there are tens of millions globally per year who are qualified to go to higher ed but can’t get in due to cost and/or infrastructure).

Which talents are most valuable for our future societies in your opinion?
Creativity. Collaboration. Critical Thinking. Complex Problem-Solving.

Who would be the perfect Nelson to ask these questions to?
Herman Wijffels