Tjaart Venema

Tjaart Venema

“I’m driven by bringing people together, by building bridges. I create videos that help clients connect with their audiences, and this allows me to help a charity like MasterPeace successfully convey its message.”

Example of using his talents for good:

“I once organized a concert of Saint Matthew’s Passion so that primarily elderly people who were unable or unwilling to join a traditional choir might get the chance to participate in a concert. We invited two orchestras and allowed everyone in the audience to sing along. This was a very special experience for me. We made a lot of people happy that day, and it was my first experience of really bringing people together.”


“One of my foremost talents is creating. I love to create music for others, and it was because of the band I started, Lichterlaaien, that I entered the video business. Stories and messages in song can inspire people in powerful ways.”



“I have long tried to inspire people with my creativity and passion for my job, not only as a video maker, but also in my former music career. We created a song called “Crying on TV” that explored how emotions are displayed in front of the camera. Our song was a way for us to make a statement against what we felt was the misuse of emotion for television.”

What talent do you have but wouldn’t you use for MasterPeace?

“I never grow tired of making music and videos, but I can imagine that some get tired of their talents by the end of the workday. That’s the beauty of MasterPeace. It’s a platform that allows people to express their talents in whichever way they please.”